Resort & Hotel Amenities Cashierless Convenience Store

Resorts & Hotels

Ratings drive resorts and hotels’ success, and satisfaction is built on guests getting what they want when they want it. Quick Eats eliminates many of the primary barriers that hotels and resorts have regarding accommodating the broad range of needs from a diverse customer base.

A Premium Experience That Builds Guest Satisfaction

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Visual Shoppers

70% of survey respondents say they rely on images to learn about a hotel. A photo of your Quick Eats location can truly differentiate you from the competition.
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Convenience Driven

Convenience is a huge factor in satisfying travelers. In a hospitality industry fighting for every advantage, Quick Eats offers a way of meeting the need affordably.

Get Ahead of the Curve

The way people travel and vacation has made a significant shift; adapting to their changing needs now will set your destination apart in the future.

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Guests want hassle free, premium, and differentiated experiences when choosing their destinations.

Quick Eats is a one-of-a-kind digital retail experience.

Quick Eats transforms your retail experience providing guests with true hassle-free, contact-free shopping whenever they want.

Keeping a mix of products that properly reflects the needs at any specific location and doesn’t eat up management’s time.

Data-driven product selection ensures your community has the product that matches their needs with little effort.

People feel higher levels of general satisfaction when they have the little things that make them comfortable.

Hotels and resorts need to provide peace-of-mind regarding COVID-19 for people traveling for work and leisure.

Line-less operation eliminates one potential transmission area and gives guests a safe, comfortable option for basic needs.

Giving guests the safest option lets them know you are conscientious about their health and doing everything possible to keep them safe.