Healthcare Cashierless Convenience Store

Healthcare Systems

Critical needs in healthcare can often overshadow quality of life amenities leaving staff and visitors feeling under appreciated. Quick Eats offers a technology-driven convenience that visitors and employees appreciate with the safety they have come to expect.

Creating Convenience, Safely

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Peace of Mind

People expect healthcare facilities to be clean, accommodate their food and beverage needs, and be fast.

Turn-Key Solutions

Quick Eats supports the needs of visitors and staff by providing an all-access, touchless food and beverage amenity with integrated contact tracing for added peace of mind.

Employee Support

Healthcare workers want to know their organization cares about their health and wellbeing in a high-pressure work environment.

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Healthcare systems contend over talent in a competitive industry; many workers feel drained, burned out, and under-appreciated.

Aramark, “2020 Spark Healthcare Trends Report.”

Quick Eats can help transform healthcare environments by adding an amenity that makes workers feel appreciated while boosting morale.

Employees know their organization cares about their health and well-being in a high-pressure work environment.

Patients and guests are stressed, exhausted, and are looking for the right product at the right time to match their needs.

Our data-driven product analysis ensures your community has the right products for your community.

Guests and patients have convenient choices and feel more at ease when they have the little things that make them comfortable.

Healthcare systems need to reduce potential infection touch-points without negative impacts.

Line-less operation eliminates one potential area of transmission that doesn’t impact community building.

Reducing transmission rates helps improve the performance of the entire system.

Staff and visitors need high-quality food they can grab at a moment’s notice when schedules can be hectic.

Quick Eats offers 24/7/365 access to nourishing meals and energy boosters where they matter most.

Our space creates a respite to quickly refuel and recharge on any schedule, no matter the time of day.

Aramark, “2020 Spark Healthcare Trends Report.”