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Quick Eats is a premium amenity that people remember when looking for a place to live. Safe, secure, on-site access to a curated selection of products means residents don’t even need to put on a jacket to grab a snack or something they forgot to pick up when they last went to the store.

The Future of Premium Amenities

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"This is super convenient to have downstairs. I love not having to leave the building!"

“Renters who pay a premium want ease and convenience, and increasingly that is translating into a desire for more services, better technology, and spaces that can accommodate both.”

Curbed, “In the Apartment Amenity Arms Race, Service and Technology Win Out”

Get Ahead of the Curve

Onsite amenities offering every day and household needs are a convenience that renters willing to pay more for, and will set your real estate apart.

Universal Appeal

Every one of the customers we surveyed agreed that Quick Eats is a valuable amenity to have in apartment their complex.

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Competition is fierce between properties, with amenities being the primary way each location hopes to woo residents.

Quick Eats is a genuinely impressive technology and product feature and represents the cutting edge of convenience.

Attracting potential residents is easier with the resort-like feel Quick Eats adds to any property.

Convenience Stores are hard to manage, requiring suppliers, health department permits, and check-ins.

Quick Eats provides a turn-key solution managing all aspects of the store for you.

Have premium differentiated retail available in your building without the headache of operating.

Needing to please a diverse community that has a wide range of preferences and needs.

Data-driven customization of product mix changes quickly to match community preferences.

A changing mix of the most popular products gives the property a more luxurious and boutique feel.